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Training Academy

Legal Requirements
Fenix Global Company offers competent situational trainings for your employees for the purpose of increase of their qualifications, to fixing of professional skills, stabilization of a psycho emotional condition and simplification of their stay on the remote objects.We give you training and knowledge needed, under a professional environment with certified trainers.Every training program requirement is different, so we work with our clients in order to understand the objectives and to develop solutions that are in line with the needs, capabilities, equipment and the customer’s budget.We maintain training centers under full tactical infrastructure and equipment in order to support our training courses to civilians, law enforcement and government agencies.We schedule and we adapt our training courses according to our clients needs.We provide training for civilians, law enforcement and government agencies.All training courses requires from trainees to include signed consent, waiver and assumption of risk agreements. Trainees must be at least 20 years of age, be able to provide a clean criminal record, free of any convictions of felony crimes or violence or associations with terrorist organisations.

Code of Conduct
You must adhere to the high standards fairly expected by Fenix Global Company Ltd and conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, at all times as well as when at the Fenix Global Company Ltd training centre, the accommodation block, while within Fenix Global Company Ltd provided vehicles, when visiting locations and different institutions for or on behalf of Fenix Global Company Ltd. Any unacceptable behaviour might lead to you being terminated from the course with immediate impact, without refund. No alcohol could also be consumed throughout any class time or throughout exercises. No drugs are to be consumed at any time.

Payments may be placed via the booking system on our website or by contacting us via phone or email.
A deposit is needed to book a spot on a course. Deposits are non-refundable unless cancellation is provided in writing within the relevant cancellation period upon receipt of your booking form, and consequent payment your place(s) will be confirmed.

Our "Qualification Courses" have as result the issuance of either a Certificate or Diploma upon completion

For more information about our courses, please click on the link... Training Program    

Non Commissioned Officer in Hellenic Army. Amphibious Commando Squadron - “Z MAK”
                                         NATO organization mission in the Tetovo(Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
                                         Land Forces – Gunsmiths of Light Infantry Weaponry
                                         Anti-Piracy Mission, Armed Escort-Cruise Yachts, Protection in hot spots
                                         Professor of physical education National University Moldova
                                         Champion of Hellas in fencing. Member of  DOSAAF, IPSC & ISSF

                             Ex-employee of the special department for combating terrorism of the Security Service
                              United Nations organization stabilization mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo
                              Commander of the reconnaissance platoon. Expert in the field of tactical medicine
                              Member of the embassy security team in Iraq. Military police school USA
                              Medal for the excellent 15 years serves in special force unit. UN award level 2 Medal

 of the special department for combating terrorism of the Security Service
                                        Member of the special service for safety of the diplomatic mission in the republic of Iraq
                                        Chief specialist for the firearms training.Officer of the special operations.Combat veteran


                                                                                       Representative in the Switzerland