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Security Personnel

Fenix Global Company offers exciting and challenging career opportunities in a variety of professional areas. 
We recruit highly-qualified and highly-skilled personnel, including professionals from the private sector as well as former military and law enforcement.We search for people of the utmost caliber; accountability, integrity and professionalism.

Potential candidates must be prepared to prolonged pre-selection process, testing, and training. This is due to the fact that the company Fenix Global Company Ltd works legally, within the framework of legislation and international standards in a very specific field of business.

The company requires applicants presence of specific serious experience in specific industries:

• Experience life in a dedicated or existing military units of the Navy or Army

• Experience with the standard small arms of domestic and foreign models, special means of protection, tactical equipment and security equipment

• Experience in management units and groups, experience special missions outside their country (for petty officers and middle management of the units)

• Experience in the specialization

Each candidate must meet the following criteria:

• Age 25-50 years pld

• Good physical condition

• The absence of contraindications for medicine, (including - Addiction, psyche, HIV)

• Police and Offenses Clearance

• The positive results of the hardware psychodiagnosis (Polygraph, physiologists)

• Fluency in their native language and English (knowledge of other languages is an advantage)

For candidates to work for the protection of critical facilities and cargo tracking in high-risk areas:

Required - Experience of at least two years in the protection of facilities and convoys in the areas of risk.Also having a diploma (certificate) guard of international standard.

For candidates for the operator's job to protect ships and cargo transportation in high-risk areas:

Required - the experience of military service in the ships of the Navy, the Coast Guard is not less than 2 years, or experience in the civil courts for at least three years from the positive job feedback. A diploma (certificate) of international standard on the passage of specialized training in maritime security - SSO or MSO, STCW 95, training in medical first aid, firearms competency,yellow fever, foreign passports and seaman book with all insert.

If your experience, qualifications, and the desire to meet our criteria, your documents are in compliance with international requirements. We suggest you send your resume in Word or PDF, copies of documents confirming the transfer profile (education, qualifications, track record, a letter of recommendation) and a full-length photograph to the following address listed on the site...