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Maritime Security Armed

Fenix Global Company ensures that your vessels have safe passage anywhere in the world. We offer a full compliment of security services designed to help train your crews and protect your vessels.

We can provide armed/unarmed security teams onboard vessels to help them develop and implement passive security measures and increase the level of security of the vessel.

Competent management:

Fenix Global Company offers continuous supervision over all sea vehicles of the customer equipped with Ship System Safety / Ship Security Alert System (SSAS). In case of receiving an alarm signal the Tactical Command Point will react respectively depending on degree of danger and the established level of protection (Security Level).

Offshore support:

Our group of sea protection renders services in safety of your vessel, a hydraulic engineering construction, mobile or stationary constructions, platforms and projects. such, as oil derricks, drilling rigs, prospecting bases, technological and research complexes. Employees of sea protection have a wide experience of carrying out of the sea operations, many of them served in Special divisions of the Navy of Russian, Belarus, Ukraine, Hellas, France and other foreign states.

Protection of ports, port water area and port facilities:

Fenix Global Company has developed an effective strategy for the analysis of security and compliance onshore , offshore and port facilities raids customer requirements of international safety standards ISPS. We supply our own production and our general partners , developers and manufacturers of advanced security systems , special systems of detection and protection of objects , devices gidroakkusticheskogo , radiolakatsionnogo not lethal action principle. And as a special diving equipment , gear and equipment for special units of the army and navy. And devices for carrying out the assault and rescue operations.

Analysis, forecasting and minimization of potential risks:

Fenix Global Company is capable to make a detailed assessment, the analysis and forecasting of probability of approach of potential threat of your enterprise or the involved project.
The analysis of potential risk and vulnerability represents the wide review both already existing, and potentially probable, predicted threats of safety - from a sea piracy, to political instability in regions nearby or interesting the Customer.
Our analysis and assessment of the situation are directed on ensuring stability of your business, safety of operations, and confidence of your personnel.

Our personnel are carefully selected from ex-Special Forces and Law Enforcement Officers and possess minimum requirements of the following:
Passport (valid for 6 months minimum)
Ship Security Officer (SSO)
Firearms Competency
Tactical Medicine
Seaman's Discharge book
Criminal Record Bureau (CRB)
ENG1 Seafarer’s Medical
Yellow fever certificate
Drug and Alcohol Test
Military reference/Proof of military service