Fenix Global Company Ltd, is a private company, ISO 9001:2015 certified, that provides integrated security, mission support and risk management services to its clients. Our human resources consists of experienced and highly trained employees the majority of who are former military or law enforcement, capable to support complex projects in some of the most challenging places in the world.

The focus of the activities of our company we have done for the quality and professionalism of our services, we will strive to meet these criteria of the status of our partners and meet the needs of our potential customers.

With this purpose, we conduct rigorous and strict pre-selection of candidates for a job in our divisions (marine safety, security of important strategic and large industrial facilities, etc.). 

All candidates are required to undergo a pre-selection of hard , questioning, special inspection and testing , psychological testing , hardware- detector test . Only a proactive, disciplined and intellectual development specialist , willing and able to devote himself to this line of business has an opportunity to join the ranks of our company and become one of us.